WSO project

The project consisting in the implementation of dispatching consoles in Material Reserves Agency depots in 14 locations:

  • Niemce
  • Lisowice
  • Stary Sącz
  • Resko
  • Szepietowo
  • Lubliniec
  • Zalesie
  • Elk
  • Leśmierz
  • Wąwał
  • Strzalkowo
  • Tomaszów Mazowiecki
  • Ostrów Mazowiecka
  • Kamienica Królewska

The project was carried out in cooperation with CoverTech. Each of the locations was equipped with:

  • Configurator
  • Console with the system OpenRDS
  • The Excera converter
  • 6 radiotelephones

The system is used by the protection of depots and is used for communication between service in the field and the operator. The system provides a preview of the position of the radiotelephones on the map, the status of the device is displayed. The distribution of the depots was presented on the map layers provided by the ordering party. Radio positions are retrieved via a centralized customer point. The system provides for the determination of danger zones. The user can mark specific areas on the map, if the radio is within them (or, depending on the configuration, it leaves them), an appropriate message will be displayed.