Expansion of the ICT system on the Amber One highway

In 2021, Nowatel carried out the modernization and expansion of the ICT system for communication with maintenance services on the Amber One highway, commissioned by Intertoll Polska Sp. z o. o

The aim of the project was to implement a modern ICT system to ensure safety and efficient communication highway maintenance services.

The project included the installation and configuration of:

  • RADIOBOX Nowatel – 6 devices to ensure communication;
  • RADIO PHONES – approx. 100 radiotelephones, due to which security services can communicate with each other;
  • CONSOLE AND DISPATCHER A  Nowatel OpenRDS  – devices installed in the Traffic Control Center for the purpose of telephone communication;
  • OpenRDS SERVERS –  3 servers located on the highway route. These servers are redundant.

Additionally, on the Amber One (A1) highway, all radio antennas were replaced, and radio masts were modified.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the modernization, the company also conducted a series of training courses on the operation of the delivered devices in the form of lectures and workshops. These trainings were conducted by qualified personnel. In addition, Nowatel also provided support in formal issues related to parameters and necessary permits.

As a result of these activities, the Amber One highway provides all its users with a safe and peaceful journey.