Large implementation of Nowatel in Lithuania


Nowatel has signed a contract with the largest IT integrator in Lithuania – FIMA AB for the delivery of the OpenRDS dispatching system for the construction of a nationwide radio communication network for the largest Lithuanian energy operator. It will be the largest DMR Tier II system in Lithuania.

The system consists of 30 dispatcher consoles located in two telecommunications network management centers in Vilnius and Kaunas. In the first stage, the radio network will consist of 60 Hytera RD625 repeaters and 200 handheld and mobile radios.

The OpenRDS system will support nearly 50 telephone lines connected to the system with extensive queuing functions.

The Nowatel solution has beaten the competing solutions of Motorola and Hytera due to its unique features, such as:

  • independence from radio equipment suppliers and freedom in the choice of radio technologies,
  • the possibility of practically any modification of the user interface and availability in various languages (also in Lithuanian),
  • a complete system that fully supports telephone and radio communication along with all related services (i.e. system recorder, queues, conference rooms, virtual repeater, etc.),
  • flexibility and wide possibility of integration with possessed resources.

The system includes unique solutions created for the needs of the above-mentioned project:

  • full High Availability redundancy – the system has been built and implemented in such a way as to guarantee full system availability in the event of any failure (server, link, panel, etc.). The system automatically monitors its resources and manages them dynamically. A server failure will automatically switch all devices to redundant servers. In the event of a failure in the operation of telecommunications lines, the available repeaters, panels and other devices will be connected to the nearest available service server (radio server, voip switchboard, database server, registration system, etc.). to the primary servers and will continue to work. The system does not require any user operations. From the dispatcher’s point of view, system failures are imperceptible.
  • extended functionality of the virtual repeater – enabling dynamic creation of groups of repeaters operating in DMR Tier II mode and a quick change of the radio network topology. In the event of a need (a crisis situation, the requirement for staff cooperation in the field in a given area, etc.), the dispatcher can dynamically connect selected areas or groups of repeaters with each other, creating a common radio domain.

In December 2016, the solution positively passed the customer acceptance tests (FAT) confirming the actual possibilities of Nowatel and FIMA in the implementation of the most complex projects on international markets.

The project is the result of a change in Nowatel’s strategy and focus on large ICT projects that require greater competence in the field of IT systems integration, especially for corporate clients.