“Multimedia emergency service center”

Nowatel company in cooperation with Pirios S.A carried out the project for the construction of “Multimedia emergency service center” for the purposes of managing the system of mobile monitoring platforms (www.mobiletower.pl).

The completed system comprises of 3 OpenRDS dispatcher stands with panels and modules handling telephone and radio traffic, video monitoring, geolocalization, the system for reporting, recording and archiving voice records and events.

Implemented solution is one of the most unique ones available on the market. Unlike the competition, the OpenRDS dispatching system was extended by full integration with CCTV solutions. It allows simultaneous handling of hundreds of video streams from devices located all around the country, controlling PTZ cameras, monitoring power supply systems, the amount of fuel in units, detecting movement and recording video events, automatic alerting of intervention teams, operation scenarios for dispatchers, etc.

The value of the completed project exceeds 2 million PLN.



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