R-3501 radio simulator

The R-3501 radio simulator is an IT system that allows for realistic training of radio operators (both radio operators and  other people who need such training) without the need to emit radio waves. The simulated radio station is an ultra-short-wave transmitting and receiving radio station used in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. A Polish portable radio station is used as a handheld device by the squad commander, platoon commander or a soldier on duty. It is designed to work in the 30 ÷ 87.975 MHz frequency range in the simplex and duosimplex systems.

The main functions of the simulator:

  • The user can connect to other stations. Simplex and duplex communication.
  • Mapping of all the functionalities of the radio with the possibility of adding new ones.
  • Fillgun external memory simulation that programs the radio settings
  • Possibility of carrying out exercises in the field of radio operation.
  • Integrated evaluation system and the ability to monitor progress with the e-learning platform.