Security System Management Simulator

Security System Management Simulator is a task simulation software in the field of command and conduct operations in situations of military and non-military threats (e.g. natural disasters, fires, disasters in land or rail traffic). The system consists of the following basic modules:

  • crisis generator module,
  • event visualization module,
  • force and means base module,
  • hazardous places registry module,
  • evacuation plan module,
  • floodplain analysis module,
  • chemical hazard analysis module,
  • communication module,
  • mobile application module,
  • lesson module.

Use of many modules enables to creations of scenarios for incident (single incidents that occur at a specific place and time) and crisis (being a set of incidents, occurring depending or independently at a specific place and time). During the training, trainees can enter the type of incident, mark its place on the map, define restrictions and roadblocks (for example to establish a detour), enter a detailed description of the incident and determine the number of injured people. At the stage of creating scenarios, the instructor can define which trainees will play the role of specific services and define the allowed methods of communication. The instructor can follow the course of the entire scenario Additionally, the instructor can escalate the resulting events, making the role-playing of the scenario more dynamic (adding an additional event, withdrawing specific services). The scenario can be implemented in real time, i.e. if the operator sets the time of arrival of certain services, e.g. for 30 minutes, these units will be available only after this time has elapsed. In addition, the instructor can use the accelerated mode, so there is no need to wait for individual stages.