"Łeba" Command System Simulator

“Łeba” Command System Trainer

The basic element of the trainer is the situation generator  in a sea area, witch defines the sea vessels and  aircrafts with their variable position (bearing, course,  speed). Units defined in this way are presented on the map of the Baltic Sea observation area. The target generator  simulates the operation of surface and  and air radar surveillance equipment. Simulator enables integration with Integrated Interactive  Training Platform NowaSIM using the participants  training groups and training instructors  registered within the NowaSIM training platform.

Specialized software ensures that the trained scenarios of tasks in the field of command and conduct perations in situations of military and non-military threats on sea areas are performed with the use digital maps, and also provides the following utility functions:

  • development and preparation of the material and time schedule of the course,

  • defining event participants, assigning them roles, generating appropriate announcements and preparation of all conditions related to the course,

  • introducing controlled “randomness” of some aspects of the incident (e.g. randomly generated meteorological conditions in the vicinity of the incident site),

  • automatic generation of standard aura conditions for a given location,

  • introducing elements unusual for a given location,

  • visualization of simulated conditions on a digital map,

  • automatic transmission of reports,

  • generating text and voice messages,

  • simulation of activities of individual participants of the exercise along with visualization on a digital map,

  • defining the location of the scene of the event,

  • defining the logistics of operations,

  • defining and filling databases available to  participants with data exercises.