M3SR 4100 ship radio simulator

The system allows to establish simulated “radio” communication in the LAN network between stations both equipped with an application of one type of radio station, and with types of radio stations, which transmission, frequency reception and the modulation type is the same. Due to the simulated model of the radio, it is possible to use the HF frequency according to the specification of the physical device.

  • No need to emit radio waves and build a required antenna field,

  • Possibility of communication and monitoring of the course and monitoring of the course

  • Fillgun external memory simulationsimulation the radio settings

  • Possibility of mapping real audibility due to noise s simulation.

  • Mapping of all functionalities and states of the radio.

  • Possibility of carrying out exercises in the field of radio operation.

  • Possibility to establish connection with other stations.

  • Simplex and duplex communication.

  • Progress evaluation and monitoring system integrated with the e-learning platform

  • Implemented simulation of DevconandR&S czat applications.

  • The ability to send text and encrypted messages between radio stations.