OCEAN TRX4 marine satellite communications terminal simulator

It is a ship’s satellite communication terminal. It offers a variety of configurations and operates in multiple bands. The system meets the needs of both navy and merchant ships, container ships, oil rigs and large yachts. It provides high performance and reliability, while maximizing throughput and availability.


The main functions of the simulator:

  • Integrated evaluation system and the ability to monitor progress with the e-learning platform.
  • Simulation of satellite communication with the use of telephones, e-mails and faxes.
  • Possibility of carrying out exercises related to specific courses in the field of device operation.
  • Possibility to supervise the course by the instructor.
  • Graphical representation of the real system.
  • The ability to simulate the operating mode of the antenna. Acquired skills:

o  anntena parameters settings,

o  selecting satellite position settings from the database