RKP8100 radio simulator

The simulator is an IT system that allows for realistic training of radio operators (both radio operators and other people who must be trained) without the need to emit radio waves. Due to the simulated model of the radio, it is possible to operate in the frequency range from 1.5 MHz to 512 MHz. The simulated radio belongs to the new generation of digital transmitting and receiving devices that meet the requirements of STANAG 4203, STANAG 4204 and STANAG 4205. The universal RKP-8100 radio can be used as a backpack radio or an element of mobile radio communication systems installed on wheeled and tracked chassis. Digital speech transmission is carried out in accordance with STANAG 4198 and the MIL-STD-188-110B App standard. B. The radio provides ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) functions in accordance with the MIL-STD 188-141B App standard. A. and STANAG 4538.

The main functions of the simulator:

  • The user can connect to other stations. Simplex and duplex communication.
  • The possibility of simulating the remote control of the radio thanks to the PCOMM application
  • Mapping of all functionalities and states of the radio.
  • Possibility of carrying out exercises in the field of radio operation.
  • Possibility of mapping real audibility due to noise simulation. Additionally, the user can adjust the noise volume level.
  • Progress evaluation and monitoring system integrated with the e-learning platform.