Object tracking simulator

The simulator is a tool for teaching the determination of the location of the electromagnetic radiation source and preparation for the operation of devices used in radio targeting. It helps in mastering the regulations and exchange of radio correspondence using the intercom applications and IP phones. Additionally, the simulator helps gaining knowledge in the field of electromagnetic disturbances in radio-electronic warfare, in particular:

  • allows one to learn how to use a radio receiver (listening to a radio source of radio-electronic radiation),
  • enables the display of various types of radio interference (intentional, passive) on the indicator
  • has the ability to interfere with radiation sources (the instruc¬tor can turn the interference on and off regardless of the running scenario),
  • it allows the trained person to hear the source of radio-elec¬tronic radiation   all kinds of sources of its disturbance in the receiver.

The simulator allows for training of beacon operators without the need to emit electromagnetic waves. The system enables the location of radio-electronic radiation sources to be determined on the basis of appropriate radio parameters sent from the instructor’s station to each training station. The instructor has the option of sending radio frequencies with a simulated radio signal with any parameters of the type of emission (A1A, F1B, J3E) to individual simulator stations. The application makes it possible to make difficulties in identifying the object by changing the radio background (weak signal, interference, many objects, no data transmission system).