Signal SIM

The semaphore and flags signal receiving simulator is designed learning maritime communication with the use of semaphore flags, Morse code light and signal flags.

Simulator consists of three main modules:

1. Semaphore Alphabet – The software is used to learn semaphore positions for specific characters. Due to several learning modes, the user can:
  • Do exercises and quizzes,
  • Take exams,
  • The function of adjusting the display time of characters allows to perform exercises and exams for both beginner users and tho¬se more advanced.
  • User can choose 2D or 3D learning mode.
  • With the “Sensor” function, the user can physically recreate the semaphore positions. The motion detector reads the user’s position, then the system displays whether the position is correct. After showing the wrong position, the system displays the correct position.
2. Signal flags – The system offers a number of functionalities enabling efficient training, such as:
  • learning signal flags
  • communication with flags using the mast,
  • sending messages between users and between users and the instructor
  • Due to several learning modes, the user can:
    • take quizzes,
    • take exams
3. Morse code – The software enables theoretical and practical classes in the field of transmitting and receiving Morse code characters. It ensures:
  • communication between workstations by means of signals lights,
  • communication with the instructor,
  • creating groups from available stations for line broadcasting,
  • broadcasting light signals which are displayed on physical lamp,
  • communication takes place by using a telegraph.