XT452U8 radio simulator

The XT452U8 radio simulator is an IT system that allows for realistic training for radio operators (both radio operators and other people who must have such training) without the need to emit radio waves. Due to the simulated model of the radio, it is possible to use the VHF frequency, in accordance with the specification of the physical device.

The main functions of the simulator:

  • No need to emit radio waves and build a required antenna field
  • Possibility of mapping real audibility due to noise simulation.
  • Possibility of communication and monitoring of the course by the instructor.
  • Mapping of all functionalities and states of the radio.
  • The ability to manage the radio by the GB406H. 
  • Possibility of carrying out exercises in the field of radio operation.
  • Possibility to establish connection with other stations. Simplex and duplex communication.
  • Progress evaluation and monitoring system integrated with the e-learning platform.