Comtech SLM-5650A modem symulator

The satellite modem meets the stringent requirements defined in MIL-STD-188-165A for applications on DSCS, WGS and commercial satellites. Provides fully automated network management along with performance. It has advanced error correction capabilities.

Ability to simulate the control and monitoring of basic operations of the SLM-5650A modem. The user acquires the skills to configure ,the modulator, demodulator and installed interfaces parameters.

Main functions of the symulator:

  • Graphical representation of the real modem.
  • Configuration of modulator and demodulator parameters, with instal­led interfaces.
  • Possibility of carrying out exercises related to specific courses in the field of device operation.
  • Possibility to supervise the course by the instructor.
  • Ability to simulate control and monitor basic SLM-5650A modem activities.The user acquires modulator, demodulator and installed interfaces parameters configuration skills.
  • Simulation of satellite communication with the use of telephones, e-mails and faxes.
  • Integrated evaluation system and the ability to monitor progress with the e-learning platform.