OpenRDS dispatching system

OpenRDS - PiBox module

The compact solution that guarantees expanded functionality of both a base and mobile digital radio, operating within the DMR, IDAS or NEXEDGE networks.

The small dimensions and the innovative way of plugging into a module gives a wide range of possible uses. Additionally allows easy integration with a radio telephone devices from various manufactures, including HYTERA, MOTOROLA, ICOM, KENWOOD and others.

Main functionalities:
  • Voice retransmission in an echo modeExample:  Two digital radio terminal units, including one mobile (placed in a vehicle with a better aerial and with full coverage) and the second one, hand held (portable, with a less effective aerial and with a limited range). After connecting the PiBOX extender to the device with a better aerial – the set may be configured as a re-transmitter. When the hand held digital unit reaches the range of a mobile set and PiBOX, it may also access a full coverage of a radio network. 
  • Capability of creating radio terminal elevated through IP network  – The excellent solution when remote access to a radio telephone is required, or in more complex situations when the need for extending a radio net coverage appears.
  • remote controlA NOWATEL OpenRDS PiBox device with a mobile application Open RDS that allows remote control of a radio telephone (sending, receiving and changing channels) can act as a small, portable radio telephone installation elevated through the IP network. This solution makes it possible to mount a digital radio in a location most suitable for aerial installation. Moreover, after connecting PiBOX extender, it can be operated by a smartphone or tablet. (In this configuration PiBOX must be connected via IP network with a mobile phone or tablet, for instance by WiFi or GSM network). Minimum requirements components:
    • Digital radio
    •  PiBOX
    • WiFi Router
    • Compatible Device with a mobile application.
  • Bridging the gaps in a radio system coverage – the NOWATEL OpenRDS PiBOX extender can act as OpenRDS RadioBox, its “older brother”, providing the same level of functionality, but in compact edition. (It is especially useful in locations of limited space, too small to install RadioBox device). In a suggested configuration a PiBox module may bridge gaps in radio system coverage by re-transmitting communication received via 3G/LTE network, or GSM network, to a digital radio unit.
  • CROSSBAND” – the ability to voice transmission between radio telephone units operating under different formats (analogue and digital). – Example – Connected radio terminal units, operating in different formats, can communicate with each other, as long as, each of them is connected to a PiBOX extender and those modules are connected via an IP network.
    • Delivering a voice mail with delay – it is possible do convey voice mail in a determined time. Delay may be set from a dispatch panel, or by text messages send from a digital radio.
  • Delivering text messages – it is possible to automatically retransmit text messages in a  digital mode, directly to a chosen digital radio. 
  • Remote control of an external device – Due to a PiBOX well-developed specifications and various connectors, it is possible to connect an external device and to send commands to it, using a mobile application, in order to:
    • control – voltage, vehicle signal lights, sound device, locks, etc.;
    • send coordinates to external GPS navigation;
    • deliver voice mails via a digital radio network using audio system;
    • forward selected emergency messages directly to a remote light panel (supported by DSI, USB or HDMI);
    • switch a video recording mode (with an option to save on external disc);
    • drone control;
    • switch on/off of a vehicle
  • Telemetry – due to the PiBOX connectors it is also possible to connect external measuring devices and sensors. This configuration allows sending commands to PiBOX module, to receive or to forward read-outs such as, for example,
    • GPS position,
    • voltage level,
    • amperage,
    • moisture level,
    • on-board vehicle computer data,
    • temperature,
    • light intensity,
    • fire sensor,
    • moving sensor,
    • measurement of body vital signs.
  •  NOWATEL OpenRDS PiBOX is such a versatile device that, according to a chosen configuration, it may not only get a read-out, but also execute a certain activity connected to arising from a specific parameter, including, for example, effective sending a specific message to a given recipient, when the sensor readings get above a set level.