Another line of products offered by our company are advanced 3D technology based simulating systems, dedicated for specialized staff training in the area of safety and handling military and civilian equipment.

Thanks to the cooperation with experienced specialists in maritime, military and security subjects systems created by us meet the high essential requirements (ITU and IMO / STCW standards).

Our experience is built on existing telecommunications network providing Internet, telephony and television services for several thousands of customers. As telecommunications operator we have the necessary resources to carry out even the most complex ICT projects.

Nowatel Sp. z.o.o. is a Polish ICT company, offering comprehensive solutions in the field of Information and communication technologies. Since 2003 we have been designing and creating IT systems integrating traditional cable technologies (analog telephony, ISDN, VoIP) with wireless solutions (digital and analog mobile radio, TETRA, WiFi, GSM, WiMAX). We integrate with the radio solutions of leading manufacturers (Hytera, Motorola, Icom, Radmor, Kenwood, Sepura, DAMM). As the only company we offer a fully Pure IP Dispatching System.