Radiocommunication simulators at  Naval Training Center in Ustka


A system allowing for training of operators of radiostations within EK200 with control devices GX2900 of the brand Rohde&Schwarz, without the necessity for broadcasting radio waves. The system allows for establishing ”radio” communication in LAN network, peer-to-peer, equipped with both an application of one type of radiostation and other types of radiostations, whose transmission and reception frequencies and modulation type are the same. The application enables for:

  • A presentation of states: availability of a radiostation – whether it is on and whether the modules operate properly, SQUELCH/CARRIER activity, PTT, SQUELCH GUARD, amplification level (OFF/LOW/MED/HIGH)
  • A control of: setting frequency, setting modulation type [(AM/FM, H3E, A1A, J3E, F3E, B8E, F1B(FSK,AFSK) J2D, F3C, A3E (AM)], setting bandwidth (NB/WB), setting amplification level of a transmitter, connecting/disconnecting squelch control (SQUELCH), connecting/disconnecing rescue receiver, simulating radiostation damage, introducing interferences and noise
  • Holding a conversation on selected frequency
  • Bugging on selected frequencies
  • A system registering correspondence between trainees and trainer and allowing to play it back
  • A change in operating parameters such as modulation or frequency involves a respective change in ”audibility” of the standpoint
  • Apart from basic commutation functions, it provides a programme list of teleconferences for needs of ”peer-to-peer” connection

As for the preparation of the training room, the following works were carried out: floor renovation, assembly of window blinds and vertical blinds, modernisation of electrical wiring, assembly of new doors and doorframes, modernisation of lightning, installation of air conditioning, laying of the LAN network. A simulation system was fitted in the prepared cabins designed for training of operators of radio communications. The material used for cabins is easy to maintain, odourless, with fireproof agent which does not cause eye, skin or respiratory tracts irritation. Safety is ensured by a firefighting alert system. The alarm panel signals the state of fire danger via light and sound signals. Each cabin has side windows in the shape of a bull’s eye and soundproof doors. Ventilation is ensured by air conditioning system of sound level not exceeding 40dB. IP cameras fitted in all cabins allow trainers to have an easier supervision over trainees participating in classes. Everything was designed in compliance with the ISO 140-4 standard.