Communications system modernization in Łódź

Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Łódź(KM PSP) invested in new dispatching equipment,  as a next stage of modernization of the communications system in Łódź Voivodeship. Planned system expansion covered installation of four dispatching panels and one additional radio communication module. It was completely integrated with the two previously used radioboxs.


The most important condition for the installation was integration with previously used radio devices (FDMA, digital and analog mode). OpenRDS enables the full cooperation between solutions from different producers. In this case ICOM and Kenwood NEXEDGE digital functions (SMS, GPS) working without undue disruption. The integration of different communication standards and types significantly affects the quality of communication and consequently has an impact on the rate of reaction in emergency situations.

But this is only one of many improvements in the alarm system. NOWATEL dispatcher system provides the ability to communicate using radio, telephone and intercom at the same time, also full radio monitoring and advanced support for GPS transmitters (using digital signal processing and data visualization on the map). In addition, the console offers additional features such as built-in recorder voice recordings of all calls, or remote control of radios. The entire system operated with All-In-One console using the Multi-touch technology and is also available on mobile devices (tablets and phones).

The modernization of the communications system involves much more than a means of communication. With our improvements and specialists care the realization in these assumptions in the Headquarter of the State Fire Service in Łódź has become much simpler.