Integrated Dispatching System
for the Police in Choszczno


In relation to the concluded bidding contest for a delivery of an integrated digital and analog communication system for the District Police Headquarters in Choszczno (KPP Choszczno) together with its installation and launching, the Nowatel company will deliver the newest version of their OpenRDS dispatch system.

The District Police Headquarters in Choszczno is a newly built station and as such it is one of the most modern in Poland. In the building, which was built at the cost of PLN 17 million, there is a shooting range, a gym and a police car wash.

Within the framework of the order, delivered will be: 3 dispatch consoles with OpenRDS licences and a set of accessories, a radio server with a built-in fuction of registering correspondence and 3 radio controllers Radiobox together with radiotelephones Motorola DM 4601. The dispatch solution is to enable the service of telephone and radio communication. The provider will also deliver an integrated map application allowing among others for GPS position reception and its visualisation on the map and for prompting radiotelephones directly from the map.