Nowatel has won the tender for developing and adapting the ICT and Radio System which handles reports from the area operated by SP ZOZ WSPR in Białystok. The distributed ICT and radio system for the ambulance service from Białystok is a special project. It requires combining two areas of activity and at the same time constitutes an unusual challenge.


The implementation includes the modernization of the contemporary analogue radio communication network. It will be integrated with the new digital communication standard – DMR,to create a uniform communication system for the entire area handled by the Regional Ambulance Station in Białystok.


Launching the network in a digital mode is not only about saving money and improving the quality of communication, but also about additional system functionalities. These include inter alia handling statuses and their retransmissions. With the use of a radiobox, the dispatcher sends the status to an ambulance’s radiophone, which retransmits the received message to mobile radiophones located near the vehicle and sends back a confirmation of the retransmission. This function is especially convenient when the ambulance is out and loses radio signal with the base stations. It is all handled digitally.


The base stations themselves, will be handled in a modernized manner. Nowatel, as the first company on the market, has implemented all of the functions of a physical radio station in a virtual app. The app includes a graphic interface which is a perfect representation of the real device, and is fully integrated with it. This means that with the use of a computer, it is possible to modify the settings of the base station, starting with changing the channels, up to changing the volume.


The system in Białystok covers more than 31 locations all over the Podlaskie Voivodeship, including locations with a difficult internet access. Thanks to many years of experience in creating and providing internet services, including IP connections in locations distant from the network center at a few dozen kilometers, will not be a problem. In terms of the commissioned task, the company will handle the necessary infrastructure ensuring connectivity in terms of the DMR network, both thanks to working with fiber optic network providers, as well as taking advantage of dedicated radio communications. 


The value of the project is 2,4 million PLN gross. A significant part of that sum will be devoted to the need of ensuring data transmission for distant network locations.